Saturday, 19 March 2016

Holiday recount 2016

Friday:First we went to the Airport and hopped on a plane.  During the plane flight I watched I am Evel Knievel  and played cards.  Then we made it to Australia and waited for our car to come and get dropped off.  After That we went shopping.  That night we went on the train to Brisbane and watched the warriors vs broncos at Sun Corp Stadium.

Saturday:Today is Saturday and we are going to swim at the pool Today and chill out.

Monday:Today is Monday and we are going to sea world to have some fun.  When we got to Sea World,we had to find a car park,Then we had to line up in a very slow line.  Once we got to the front of the line we could see where the jet skies do there show.  First we went over to the dolphin show and it was Awesome,  we had to wait afterwards by the dolphin entry so I could pat and get a photo with a dolphin.  Then it was lunch time and I had some chicken buns and also watched my mum and dad's friend swim with the seals.

Tuesday:Today is Tuesday and we are going to wet,n,wild.  When we got to wet,n,wild we were early so we had to wait in a very big line, once we got in there we went and put our bags down and went in the wave pool, then we went on the big raft slide which was cool, after everybody got there we all went on the super 8 aqua race,I came 2nd to last on the first race on the second race I came 3rd and on some of the down parts you would jump.  Next we went on the green slide and it had no roof on it and there were lots of downhills and big corners.

Wednesday: Today is Wednesday and we are going to movie world.  First we went into the wild west part and it was not open.  Then we went on the scooby doo roller coaster and it fun and scary.  After that we had to run to get to the stunt driver 2, They did drifting in there Utes and big flames came out and it was so hot on my face that was loads of fun, we went and watched my friend go on the superman roller coaster, it looked so scary. Next we went to the kids part and went in the driving school where you get to drive mini cars.  Today was a great day.

Thursday:Today is Thursday and we are going to hang out with my Uncle and Aunty for a day.  My Aunty works at dream world and she got us in for free.  We went to the Peter Brock museum and looked at all his cool race cars.  After that my uncle took us to a street that was full of motorbikes and Harley's.  We saw a really cool white chopper and lots of shiny Harley's.

Friday:  Today is Friday and we are going back to New Zealand.  First we had to pack and get everything in the car and check out of the apartment.  We went to Surfers Paradise for brunch and I had pancakes and a ice chocolate.  After that we went to a skateboard shop and bought some new wheels and bearings  then we went and got dog tags for my friends.  Then we drove to the Airport and checked in our bags.  Then we had some dinner and I had sushi.  Then we got our plane and flew back to Auckland and we got home at 1.00 in the morning.