Friday, 30 October 2015

character description

My reflection
I was learning to write a character description about my grandma.
The easiest part was writing about her personality traits.
My next step  is to add more detail.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fact or opinion

My Reflection
I was learning to do fact and opinion in texts.
The easiest part was reading the story.
My next step is to ricanize fact and opinion in non fiction texts.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Fact finding in non fiction texts

My reflection
I was learning to find facts in non fiction texts
The easiest part was finding the articles
The hardest part was finding The date
My next step will be to put more information in my texts. 

Probability with Yahstee

My reflection. I was learning about probability.  We had to play the game Yahtzee and talk about which combinations were most likely and least likely.
I had to look at all 5 dices and what ever number is the same I won't take
I thought it was easy because I did it with the teacher
My next step is to try not to work with the teacher.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

Image result for pancakesIn the holidays me and my family went to the kids in cars show.  I cooked pancakes for breakfast for my family.  I got to go in a drift car and we went 190 miles per hour.  I was hold onto the roll cages so hard I thought I was going to crash.  Next There was a dodge charger. The line for it was so long it was to long to wait so we went and had some lunch. On Sunday I went to tauranga to go look at my new beach house.  Then me and my cuzon rode our scooters down and up the road.  After that me and my dad started pulling out the carpet and there was heaps of sharp nails.
Image result for tauranga

Tauranga was so hot.